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Couplings for factory pipe lines (Toyox hose genuine couplings)


[Prevents Leaks and Disconnections]
Helps ensure stable production by preventing fluid leaks, hose disconnections, and other production-related problems.

[Lightweight and Compact]
Lighter and more compact than TC3-B couplings for easy installation even in narrow spaces.

[Easy to Install]
Hexagonal nut designed with dimensions for use with JIS-standard wrenches, eliminating the need for special tools and increasing work efficiency.

[Reduces Piping Work]
Uniform installation with no need for cumbersome clamp alignment, torque control, or retightening.

[Easy Insertion]
Easily insertable hose nozzle with the same diameter as the hose, ensuring easy installation for anyone.

Larger effective sectional area of the hose nozzle than barb fittings for reduced pressure loss and minimal power consumption.

Reusable sleeves if used only for short periods during assembly testing and trial operations for improved cost reductions.
* If the hose and coupling need to be removed for assembly testing or trial operations, the hose and sleeves can be reused up to three times so long as they are used at room temperature for no more than 24 hours at a time.

Note: Because of the presence of threads, this is not appropriate for sanitary hoses (such as used for foods).
Use for foods may result in safety issues in the product.

Part Number Thread Specification Compatible Hoses
Inner Diameter(mm)
Dimensions (mm) Weight Packing Unit
L Φd1 HEX1 HEX2 g pc
TC2-B9-R3/8 R3/8 9 35.5 7.2 25 23 82 30
TC2-B12-R1/2 R1/2 12 44.5 10.0 29 27 127 30
TC2-B15-R1/2 R1/2 15 45.5 13.0 33 32 150 30
TC2-B19-R3/4 R3/4 19 50 17.0 36 35 212 20
TC2-B25-R1 R1 25 54.5 23.0 43 41 263 20


Nipple: Brass
Cap nut: Brass
Sleeve: Polyacetal