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Introduction for TOKATSU Industry Hose




Tokatsu Industry is a Japanese manufacturer based on the hose.

From food, medicine, cosmetics to chemistry, semiconductors, nuclear power, the Tokatsu Industry manufactures various hoses used in a wide range of industries.
The main products are PTFE hose, silicone hose, EPDM hose, NBR hose.





Hose Detail
R115 Widely used PTFE hose
R117 R115 hose with surface spring
R119 SUS Flexible hose (PTFE hose Inside)
R122 Antistatic treatment R115 hose
R127 R122 hose with surface spring(Antistatic)
R140 Flange type hose, whole wetted pars are PTFE
R155 High pressure type(Antistatic)
R160 Ultra-high pressure type(Antistatic)
R500 Ferrule type, whole wetted pars are PTFE