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TOYOSILICONE STEAM HOSE (For steam/high-temperature water)


The TOYOSILICONE STEAM Hose is a steam hose ideal for steam drainage and equipment steam washing in food processing plants and cosmetics plants. *It is not suited to food transport. Use hoses with one end open.

Half the weight of the conventional steam hose and flexible for easy piping, it greatly reduces the amount of work required. Prevents contamination from hose fragments, as the hose surface is less likely to crack even after long-term use. Low-odor with no smell of rubber, it reduces product odor transfer and discomfort due to odors, developed as a hose intended to improve workability and food safety.

The hose can be used for up to 8 hours of continuous steam washing (with one end open) per day, with an extremely long life of roughly 4.5 months (before replacement) with steam at 140°C (0.3MPa). Improve productivity through this lightweight, flexible, crack-resistant hose.

As well, it can also be used for high-temperature water at 100°C or higher, with dedicated couplings and hose assemblies available for greater safety and reduced maintenance.

Use Steam/high-temperature water (for steam drainage, equipment steam washing, heat-resistant high-temperature water piping)
Fluid Steam
  • Cold Resistant 
  • Flexible 
  • Heat Resistant 
  • Low Elusion 
  • Low Odor 
  • No Waste Sorting Required 
  • Pressure 
Certifications Food Compliancy no. 595
RoHS2 Compliant
Method Primary Material: Silicon
Materials: Polyester thread
Diameter: 9.5mm~25.4mm
Temperature Range: -30℃ ~140℃


Standards Chart by Size: Temperature Range -30℃ ~ 140℃

Product Code Inner dia. x Outer dia.
Use pressure
Use pressure
High-temperature water~140℃
Standard weight
Standard length
Minimum bend radius
TSISTM-9 9.5×16 0~0.3 0~1.0 3.2 20 100
TSISTM-12 12.7×19.5 0~0.3 0~0.5 2.1 10 130
TSISTM-15 15.9×24 0~0.3 0~0.5 3.1 10 150
TSISTM-19 19×28 0~0.3 0~0.5 4.1 10 180
TSISTM-25 25.4×35.5 0~0.3 0~0.5 5.9 10 220