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TOYOFOODS EARTH HOSE is an antistatic pressure resistant hose for pressure feed and vacuum (suction) made of soft PVC.
It is a piping hose for food-related equipment that requires static prevention in the transportation of powder and granular materials.

It is a safe and long-lasting hose that fully complies with the Food Sanitation Act, demonstrates a long-lasting antistatic performance, and does not easily stiffen even when used for oily foods.
A hose that prevents clogging due to static electricity during the transportation of powder and granular materials, prevents foreign matter generated from the ground thread from entering, and helps improve safety and productivity.



  • Advantage 1

    • Safe food grade product
    • Can be used for suction and pressure feeding
    • Has a long lasting antistatic effect and reduces clogging of powder and granular materials
    • Prevents production troubles due to difficulty in stopping fluids due to charging, bending and collapse
    • Prevents ground thread from mixing in due to wear in the hose
    • The food grade grounding clips enable easy grounding work in a short time.
  • Advantage 2

    • The hose has a smooth inner surface, which doesn’t easily collect powder, is easy to clean and hygienic.
    • Has high oil resistance, long service life and supports use with oily and fatty foods
    • Highly transparent and provides security in fluid verification.
    • Has high heat resistance of 70℃ and wider usage range than ordinary PVC hoses
    • Wear-resistant composition for long life.
      (Compared to our TOYORING-F and TOYOFOODS-S)
  • Complies with various laws and regulations for safety and security

    • Safe and secure due to its compliance with the Food Sanitation Act (Complying with Notice of the Ministry of Health and Welfare No. 52, 1951/Notice of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare No. 267, 2002/Notice of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare No. 201, 2006) and corrected RoHS2 regulations

    *This hose does not use phthalate plasticizers