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  • ++NEW++Folding Helmet BLOOMⅢ –MOVO-Brand Toyo-Safety

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++NEW++Folding Helmet BLOOMⅢ –MOVO-Brand Toyo-Safety


?Folding Helmet BLOOMⅢ --MOVO? Brand Toyo-Safety



Movo is Folding Helmet is made by Toyo-safty.It`s convenience ?to carry?on and design is same to the normol helmet.


? Specifications

Product No. No.105 BLOOMⅢ MOVO
Material Body:ABS Resins? Headband:synthetic Resin? ?Liner:Styrofoam
Size 52~61cm
Dimension Normal:208X277X140Hmm? When? folding:208X277X74Hmm
Weight About:415g

Working site                             Put in the bag                              Put in the drawer                  Print mark on it


? Colorful