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++New++Contactless belt tension–Doctor tension Type-Ⅳ(Mitsuboshi)




・To show a belt performance of transmission belts,one of the most important thing is proper tension strength.

・"DOCTOR TENSION TYPE-Ⅳ" is  contactless belt tension gauge measuring sound wave.You can measure belt easier than now!



1)For various kinds of belt.(V-belt,Timing belt,Flat belt,Poly belt)
2)Wide range measuring of frequency.10.0~999Hz
3)Short measuring time(0.5`s at fast)
4)"Frequency of sound wave"and "Temsopm strength" can on the screen at the same time.
5)Can Choosing [kgf] or[N] available.
6)Have  memory deta.
7)Auto power off
8)Can choosing Japanese or English.



Measurable frequency 10.0~999[Hz]
Measurement accuracy ±1Hz(Less than 100[Hz]
±1%(More than 100[Hz])
Setting date avaliable
Unit mass 0.0001~9.9999kg/m
Blet width 1.0~999.9[mm]
Belt span length 1~9999[mm]
Number of rib 1~99
Working temperature&Humidity -10℃~50℃,less than80%
(Not use under condensation)
Storage temperature&humidity -20℃~70℃,less than80%
(Not use under condensation)
Power source 2 pieces of size AA battery
Battery life About 30 hours
Dimensions&weight 13.5X96X160mm,240g
Accessories 2 pieces of size AA battery,1 piece of flexible microphone sensor
Selling separately AC adapter,code type microphone sensor

+How to measure

1)Turn off the power of driving system,confirm the standstill of belt-drive.
2)Turn on the "Dr.tension",input a date of belt condition.
3)Seting the sensor head as following

4)Hit he Belt by a grip of a screwdriver etc.&make belt vibrate.

5)Measure several times&record the average.


+Packing Details

Size of Body:

Dimensions 13.5X96X160mm

Weight  0.24kg