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++New++SINNETSU–Aqua Steam Heater


++New++SINNETSU--Aqua Steam Heater


・It can make Max.500℃ superheated steam through staturated steam form the boiler.

・Using sheath heater to make compact electric superheated steam come ture.

・Can setting in the superheated stem area for it mini size.

・It can use suerheated efficienthly and prevent to low temperature.

・Making many kinds of equipment(Batch furnace ,Convery furnace)with Aqua Steam heater.



Type Capacity of heater L Voltage
ASH-1.8 1.8kw 425mm 200V
ASH-2.7 2.7kw 425mm 200V
ASH-3.6 3.6kw 578mm 200V
ASH4.5 4.5kw 578mm 200V