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  • ++NEW++HYBRID TOYODROP HOSE (Coolant Water Hose)(TOYOX Brand)

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++NEW++HYBRID TOYODROP HOSE (Coolant Water Hose)(TOYOX Brand)


   HYBRID TOYODROP HOSE (Coolant Water Hose)



Coolant water supply and drain hoses (condensation-resistant)


Air Water, Hot water


Insulating materials: Polyethylene foam・Soft PVC

Reinforcement material.

High-tensile force plastic wire・Polyester threads.



  • Easy disposal: ◎
  • Insulating: ○
  • Prevents condensation: ◎
  • Shape-retaining: ○
  • Low elution: ○
  • Chemical-resistance: ○
  • Flexibility: ○
  • Pressure feed: ◎


++Temperature range


   Hose Features

Attachment efficiency:There is no need to cover with insulation, making the attachment process faster and easier.

Prevents problems caused by condensation:Electric shock due to condensation and injuries caused by wet floors are prevented while eliminating the need to wipe away and clean condensation.

Faster cutting:Marks are present along the insulation every meter, making cutting easy.

Energy-efficient:The shape-retaining HYBRID TOYODROP HOSE has little pressure loss, reducing plant power costs.

Prevents production problems:Resistant to collapsing, fluids are not stopped during conveyance, preventing production problems.

Flexible for narrow spaces:More resistant to breaking and collapsing than braided hoses makes installation easy even in tight spaces


More resistant to breaking and collapsing than braided hoses, energy-saving and useful in preventing production problems. A polyethylene foam heat-resistant material is integrated with a pressure-resistant hose having a hybrid reinforced construction of resin wire and polyester threads to prevent condensation. Perfect for preventing dirty floors, electric shock and injury to workers.