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++NEW++NIPRA .Nipples&Join Plugs


++NEW++NIPRA .Nipples&Join Plugs


 Since the exterior structure of conventional nipples and join plugs hace a hexagonal shape,wrenches and etc. are used for attachment of removal.However,the nipples and joint plugs manufactured by our unique technology(hexagonal shaped internal processing)can be attached or removed easily with an Allen wrench. 

1.Easy to attach or remove with an Allen wrench.

                                                                                                                  By electric Wrench

2.The outer diameter dimension and the overall length can be reduced,by changing the inner structure to a hexagonal shape.

   For Compact Design                      Outer Diameter->about 15% smaller

                                                              length->about 10%shorter

3.Easy to attch or remove with an Allen wrench,even when used in narrow locations,deep locations or embedded.

4.When conventional nipples and joint plugs used for molds are broken,it is troublesome to remove the male threaded portion.However,our products can be removed easily with an Allen wrench.

5.Use different color for different line.