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  • Hose connectors NO leaks and NO disconnections!! TOYOCONNECTOR TC3-F (Toyox brand)

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Hose connectors NO leaks and NO disconnections!! TOYOCONNECTOR TC3-F (Toyox brand)



























A coupling for equipment and devices handling foods, beverages, chemicals and the like


<<Product features>>
A cap nut hose coupling (using ferrules) to prevent hose leaks and disconnections.
Made of stainless steel for sanitary, rust-free use.
■ Prevents pooling liquid for safety and relbility.
■ Easy insertion for low maintenance.
■ Mounting is easy even on-site and there is no variation due to human operation.
■ Unlike caulked fittings, couplings are economical as they are reusable over and over again.



Body : Stainless steel

Nipple: SCS16 (equivalent to SUS 316L)

Cap nut: SCS13 (equivalent to SUS 304)
Sleeve: Polyacetal
Packing: Silicone rubber


++Prevents leaks and disconnections++

Attaches securely to the hose with a special sleeve construction, eliminating fluid leaks and hose disconnections.

++Labor savings++

Additional tightening is not needed for reduced maintenance.

++Standardization of work ++

The cap nut means no bothersome clamp position adjustments or torque control so work can be standardized.


The shape of the nipple prevents liquid pooling, making it sanitary and perfect for conveying foods and beverages.

++Can be installed on-site++

Unlike products requiring tightening, the hose length can be adjusted on-site for easy installation.

++Waste reduction++

Coupling units can be reused, reducing waste and cutting costs.

++Risk reduction++

The TOYOCONNECTOR-TC3-F prevents hose common problems such as leaks and disconnections due to vibration. Even if there were an earthquake or other disaster, it would be easy to resume everything back to work.





































































<<Coupling Standards Chart>>

Product no. Coupling standards Size (mm)             Weight Packaging quantity
    L φd1 Width across flat A B C HEX g Pieces
TC3-F15-1S 1S 58.5 13 24 50.5 43.5 23 31 238 10
TC3-F19-1S 1S 60.5 17 27 50.5 43.5 23 36 290 10
TC3-F25-1S 1S 66 22.5 30 50.5 43.5 23 42 392 10