BURR KINTA Spatulas – PP – detectable Scrape 3 edges

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BURR KINTA Spatulas – PP – detectable Scrape 3 edges

FOB Price: US $56 - 57 / Piece
Min.Order Quantity: 5 pcs
Supply Ability 100 pcs
Port Tokyo
Payment Terms T/T

Quick Details

Model Number BURR - KINTA Spatulas - PP - detectable 3 Scrape edges
Brand Name Burrtec
Place of origin Japan
Material PP and Iron component
Type Scraper
Standard or None

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Detail: 10 working days from payment confirmation

More Information

" BURR - KINTA Spatula - PP - detectable 3 Scrape edges "( g-pen wholesale )



Three sides are available.













BURR-KINTA series are Detectable by metal detector. Reduce the risk of contamination.


BURR-KINTA series are made of special rezin, which can be detected as foreingn substances by metal detector.

These products are useful in various lines such as food, medicine and etc..




•Detectable by metal detectors

•Variety of products



•Reduce the risk of contamination.  (for lines of manifucturing food, medicine and etc.)



[Significant results in three tests for safety and security]


Metal detectors, detection sensitivity test

          BURR-KINTA products have been detected as metal fragments in the test below.





[Test Conditions]

Content: We comfirmed whether a metal detector reacts to test fragments of BURR-KINTA series.

Test fragments: 2mm square of rezin fragments, φ0.35brush 50mm, φ0.6brush 25mm

Test device: Metal detector made in Anritsu (KD8113AW)

Test condition: Speed of belt: 20m/min, Height of passing belt: 25mm, Passing position : in the center of the belt

Setting: SUS1.5, Fe0.7



Saline atomizer (rust formation) test

 No remarkable change can be seen to the surface of BURR-KINTA series 96 hours after using saline atomizer.



[test conditions]  

Content: Saline atomizer test (neutral saline based on JIS Z 2371-2000, keep spraying saline for 96 hours.)

Test device: Suga test instruments (STP-90)

Test method: After spraying saline for 96 hours, dry the test product for 1 hour. Then, observe the surface by visual inspection



Standards of instruments and containers and pakages test (Based on Food Sanitation Act, jurisdiction of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan)


Synthetic resin accomodates to the temprature below 100°C



BURR-KINTA series are Detectable by metal detector. Reduce the risk of contamination.

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