TIGERS POLYMER CORPORATION : Reliable reach silicone tube SR1554 ( RoHS , REACH and Japanese Food hygiene law approved )

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TIGERS POLYMER CORPORATION : Reliable reach silicone tube SR1554 ( RoHS , REACH and Japanese Food hygiene law approved )

FOB Price: US$1 - 150/meter
Min.Order Quantity: 1 meter
Supply Ability 100meters
Payment Terms T/T

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Model Number Silicone Tube SR1554
Place of origin Japan
Material Silicone
Type flexible tube
Standard or none

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Detail: 10 working days from payment confirmation

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Reliable reach silicone tube SR1554

( RoHS , REACH and Japanese Food hygiene law approved )







• This tube is the best in terms of the balance between the hardness and strength.

• Using semitransparent silicone material

• Less bad smell and eluted substance, because the material is addition crosslinkable silicone

• Plenty types of stock size

• Be able to use for a roller pump in a short time, since its tear strength is good

• RoHS, REACH and Food hygiene law in Japan approved


SR1554 image 2.jpg









• Material addition-crosslinkable silicone

• Part No. SR1554

• Tensile strength 11.8 Mpa

• Tear strength 25.8 N/mm

• Elongation 530%

• Color semitransparent

• Compression set(150℃ 24hours) 18

• Hardness type-A(durometer) 54

• Standards Food hygiene law in Japan,  RoHS,  REACH



SR1554 image 1.jpg





Stock Size



• We can provide from 1 meter.




I.D. x O.D.
1 x 2
1 x 3
2 x 3
2 x 3.5
2 x 4
2 x 5
2 x 6
3 x 5
3 x 6
3 x 7
3 x 8
4 x 6
4 x 7
4 x 8
4 x 9
5 x 7
5 x 8
5 x 9
5 x 10
5 x 11
6 x 8
6 x 9
6 x 10
6 x 11
6 x 12
7 x 9
7 x 10
7 x 11
7 x 12
7 x 13
8 x 10
8 x 12
8 x 13
8 x 14
9 x 12
9 x 13
9 x 15
10 x 12
10 x 13
10 x 14
10 x 15
10 x 16
12 x 15
12 x 16
12 x 18
12 x 20
15 x 20
18 x 24
19 x 25
20 x 28
25 x 33
32 x 42
38 x 48


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Reliable reach silicone tube SR1554

( RoHS , REACH and Japanese Food hygiene law approved )

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