• KURAGEL™ (PVA gel) Biocarrier for waste water treatment (Kuraray Brand)


KURAGEL™ (PVA gel) Biocarrier for waste water treatment (Kuraray Brand)

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KURAGEL™ (PVA gel) Biocarrier for waste water treatment (Kuraray Brand)

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Model Number PVA-Gel Bioreactor
Brand Name Kuraray Aqua
Place of origin Japan
Material PVA
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1.Excellent fluidity in water requiring minimal energy for mixing.

2.PVA gel has a network of minute pores about 20 microns in diameter tunneling throughout each bead.

3.Treatment with PVA gel yields less excess sludge as compared to conventional biological methods.

4.PVA gel has a very high water content due to its extensive porosity, thus allowing for favorable permeability of oxygen and nutrients to the bacteria colonized inside the beads.

5.Polymerized PVA gel is essentially insoluble in water and is not know to be biodegradable.

6.Depending on the characteristics of the wastewater, treatment ability using PVA gel can be enhanced up to 5 times over that of conventional activated sludge, thus allowing for upgrading of existing overloaded systems or for design of new process units with greatly reduced foot prints.


Material : PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol)
4 mm spherical beads having a specific gravity of 1.025.
One PVA-gel bead can hold up to 1 billion microorganisms. *
(* depending on operating conditions)

More detail please fefer to the following catalogue.

Kuraray PVA GEL 191007


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