Cleanflex NW ( Kuraray Plastics ) : Stretchable tube , non wire , expand and contract

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Cleanflex NW ( Kuraray Plastics ) : Stretchable tube , non wire , expand and contract

FOB Price: USD 65~400/roll
Min.Order Quantity: 1 roll
Supply Ability 10 rolls/month
Port Tokyo
Payment Terms T/T

Quick Details

Model Number Cleanflex NW
Brand Name Kuraray Plastics
Place of origin Japan
Material PP
Type Stretchable tube
Standard or Non
Size I.D.32 mm ~ 300 mm
Contraction rate 1/3

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Detail: 1~4 weeks

More Information

Stretchable tube

Kuraray Plastics Cleanflex NW

non wire , expand and contract

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• Fully made of polypropylene(PP) , free from vinyl chloride .

• The core does not use metal such as steel wire , making the products free from rust and easy to cut , easy to dispose .

• Light weight , excellent expansion and bending performances , easy to handle .

• The length can be reduced ( to about 1/3 of its original length ) , occupying less storage space . 



• Air conditioning as well as air supply and exhaust for industrial machineries .

• Air supply and exhaust for clean rooms .

• For connecting various types of fans .

• Local cooling

• General purpose air suuply and exhaust .

 Standard Specifications and Performances







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Stretchable tube

Kuraray Plastics Cleanflex NW

non wire , expand and contract

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