• TOYOSILICON THERMO HOSE(Heat-resistant and temperature regulator hoses)


TOYOSILICON THERMO HOSE(Heat-resistant and temperature regulator hoses)

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TOYOSILICON THERMO HOSE(Heat-resistant and temperature regulator hoses)

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Brand Name TOYOX
Place of origin Japan
Material Silicone rubber
Type TSITH-6,9,12,15,19,25
Standard or None

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Hose Features

Resistant to high heat] Handles hot fluids up to 120℃. With a long use life, reduces production problems due to hose hardening and deterioration caused by heat. Dedicated fastening couplings 3 meters in length are also available for temperature regulators.
[Content confirmation] Transparent for easy confirmation of the fluid inside.
[High insulation] Vinyl chloride is used to provide a high level of insulation, appropriate for the semiconductor and electronics industries.
Lightweight for easy work] Lighter than ordinary rubber hoses to make work more efficient.
Note: Use safely with a dedicated coupling to prevent liquid leaks and hose disconnections.
This reduces production problems and maintenance for higher production efficiency.


Superior heat resistance up to 120° C, not as susceptible to hardening as vinyl chloride and rubber hoses for longer use life. Excellent for lots of heat applications, including tubing for temperature regulators. The dedicated coupling prevents leaks and disconnections for improved production efficiency!
Applications For pressure-feeding and suctioning food
Fluids Oils Chemicals (including gases, pure water) Powder Air Water, Hot water
Material Silicone rubber Reinforcement material Polyester threads
  • Easy disposal: ◎
  • Insulating: ○
  • Low elution: ○
  • Low odor: ○
  • Chemical-resistance: ○
  • Oil-resistance: ○
  • Transparence: ○
  • Flexibility: ◎
  • Heat-resistance: ○
  • Pressure feed: ◎

Temperature range -30°C-120°C

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