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Model Number TC6-B
Brand Name TOYOX
Place of origin Japan
Material Brass
Standard or None

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[Prevents leaks and disconnections] Hose insertion is easy, and the clamp fits on with no gap, preventing hose disconnections and fluid leaks.
[Time savings] Hose insertion and removal is easy for increased efficiency.
[Standardization of work (hyojunka)] Fasten the clamp fully to complete the operation. Hose insertion is simple and can be performed reliably and consistently no matter who does it.
[Reduced pressure loss] There is less fluid leakage, and there is a larger effective surface area (hole diameter) than with a barb fitting (see Table 1) for reduced pressure loss.
[Durable] The hose end fitting and nipple are integrated, to keep the fluid from coming into contact with the packing inside the coupling. Fluids need to be resistant to the coupling body but not the packing.
[Waste reduction] Coupling units can be reused, reducing waste and cutting costs.
[Resistant to vibration] Hose problems due to leaks and disconnections caused by vibration are prevented, and earthquake and other disaster preventive maintenance, as well as restoration work after a disaster is made easy.
[Easy attachment with no special tools] The clamp can be tightened with a motor wrench, Allen wrench and other types of wrenches.

Nipple: brass
Clamp: SCS 14 stainless steel, equivalent to SUS 316
Rubber cap: nitrile rubber
Spacer, washer (50-mm size only): polyacetal
Bolt: SUS XM7, equivalent to SUS 304
Bolt/screw lubricant: NSF “H1” registered grease

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