NEO・HOMER CF–Thermaoplastic Elastomer Product.

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NEO・HOMER CF–Thermaoplastic Elastomer Product.

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Model Number NEO・HOMER CF
Brand Name Kuraray
Place of origin Japan
Material PVC
Type Plastic
Standard or None

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More Information

Light,High Abrasion Resistant

Permissible Pressure 1.2MPa

Easy to Waste incineration

++Hose Feature

・Using thermoplastic elastomer inside,excelent in superior abrasim.

・20%lighter than PVC pressure hose. Using high strength fiber,excellent in pressure-sesistant


・Forcibly feed tomuddy water,high-viscosity material of contruction.

・Force feeding for water and powder in factory.

Toxic gas like hydrogen chiorde,hydrogen cyanide ,dosen`t agenerate from incineration.

++Standars Chart by size

Product no. Inner dia.(mm) Outer dia.(mm) Standard Weight(g/m) Use Pressure


Minimum bend radius(mm)
50 50.8 68.1 1018 1.2 300
75 76.2 97.0 2080 1.2 550
100 101.6 129.6 3200 1.2 990



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